2. The dogs on Main Street howl

The dogs on Main Street howl
‘Cause they understand
If I could take one moment into my hands
Mister, I ain’t a boy, no I’m a man
And I believe in a promised land.

Springsteen, Promised land

I mentioned earlier that I fell for a Jersey girl. How did it happen?

Well, it had a lot to do with this thing you may have heard about; the internet? Now, I’m not talking about some shonky dating site here, this was way more unwitting than that. No, we met through social media after we found ourselves posting on the same threads. I guess you could say we’re both individuals with fairly strong opinions who like to express them. We’re also individuals who admire that quality when we find it in others.

What those opinions are is not really the subject of this post so let’s simply say this; two people, living on opposite sides of the planet, found – through the marvel of modern technology –  a continent’s worth of common ground and made a deep connection. A connection so deep; in fact, we simply couldn’t break it and didn’t want to try.

Sure, we told ourselves we were probably crazy. How could we ever hope to sustain such a thing? Why make our lives so much more complicated than they needed to be?

That last paragraph was a complete lie by the way. I can assure you I never had anything close to those thoughts. I’m pretty sure Jersey girl would say the same. There were so many obstacles to clamber over before we could even meet in person, but we just went right ahead and fell in love anyway.

I’m not kidding, the obstacles have been immense. Picture an old-style classroom’s entire compliment of wooden desks and chairs just piled in an enormous heap; perilously balanced, with legs sticking out at all sorts of weird and treacherous angles. Then imagine trying to scale the pile without bringing the whole thing down on top of you. They’re the kind of obstacles I’m talking. We just clambered right on up regardless.

It puts me in mind of a line from an old David Sylvian song; Orpheus:

But all of the hurdles that fell in our laps were fuel for the fire and straw for our backs.

Yeah, I know, I have weirdly eclectic tastes in music. Anyway, despite the many hardships and some heartbreak, we have prevailed. And by ‘prevailed’ I mean, several years on we are still very much in love. And that’s what defines the ‘real thing’ in my book; it doesn’t recognize surrender. When you love someone heart and soul, you take the good with the bad and thank heaven for every moment.

Is it easy? Sometimes not, sometimes it can feel like the entire world is conspiring against you, but when all’s said and done, if you’re lucky enough to find the one you’ve been waiting a lifetime to meet, you don’t cry like a little girl and give up just because things get a little rough.



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