8. From small things

I’m happy, hope you’re happy too
I’ve loved all, I’ve needed love

sordid details following

~ Bowie, Ashes to ashes.

And so, for close to a month, I lived in her home. At the time, she had a house in High Bridge, a pretty little hamlet on the Raritan river, surrounded by heavily forested hills and valleys. We’d take her two dogs for long walks along the trails. And I have to tell you, you didn’t have to walk for very long before you felt time reversing. Though the town itself was only founded around 1871, there are houses in the area that stood when Washington was fighting for the life of an as yet unborn Republic.

A High Bridge house.

It was all so amazing to me. I’m a bit of a student of history and to walk through woods the Delaware tribe once called home was quite a thrill. And, of course, the company was superb. Just as we had during all those Skype calls, we filled the air with our conversations. What a relief to discover that, though we were now face to face, nothing had really changed; except that I could now reach out and touch my Jersey girl’s face, anytime I pleased…that was new.

Main Street High Bridge

And how we revelled in that closeness. We’d both been starving for this kind of connection for far too long. We devoured the moments in each others company, all too aware of their bittersweet finiteness. The fact that our days were literally numbered only served to make them more precious. To our credit, we didn’t just gorge ourselves on each other but took the time to enjoy the smallest of things.

Because from those small things, two people can grow a life.

That was the tone for our little month of domestic bliss; easy conversation, lingering displays of affection, and…

I know you’re dying to ask the obvious question here, so I’ll be kind and put an end to your curiosity. The answer is yes, the physical chemistry was all we’d hoped and much, much more. Sorry, there will be no further details forthcoming. My name is not Major Tom.

All images in this post are my own.



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