Then Lazarus departed



Now comes the most dreadful song

He is dead

And there’s a hole in the world

The man has fallen through the Earth

Swallowed up by a black, black star

And who will step up to dance in that space?  (Who would have the stones?)

Goodbye Zig

Goodbye Sane

Goodbye Duke

And goodnight Jones

You’re not going anywhere, but

I’ll be looking for you everywhere


David Bowie is




“Rise together

through these clouds

as on wings.”


7 thoughts on “Then Lazarus departed

  1. I am shocked at how sad his death made me. I was a fan but I had no idea how much. I saw “Lazarus” at the New York Theater Workshop and did a blog post about how I found it long and dull with a meandering plot. Now I feel kind of guilty about badmouthing it.


    1. You spoke your truth, nothing wrong with that. I read it, it was good and probably not too far from the mark considering other opinions I’ve read.
      The album, however, is quite astonishing. A wonderful farewell to those who have loved his music


      1. I can assure you Bowie didn’t give a damn about the reviews or what a pipsqueak like me thought. Do you remember Tin Machine? People hated it. No matter. He soldiered on and tried something new. I wish I had that kind of courage. I’m consumed with caution and fear of failure.


      2. I think Bowie’s trick was to always stay out in front of the fear.

        I can only imagine what he did with himself over that last year. I’m hoping that his backlog of unreleased material got addressed in preparation for release after his death. I’m sure he would have wanted to have control over how that was handled. That or he’s burned all the tapes (God what a thought).


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