Saints and Sinners – rumours from a parallel universe.

In light of recent events (and because I still can’t quite believe he’s gone), I’ve decided to reblog this. It was only my second post on this blog and I feel like it didn’t really get read as a consequence.

Runaway American Dream

I have a theory; it’s wild and innocent and just might earn a fella a beat down in New Jersey were he to propose it to the wrong party. My theory is this; Bruce Springsteen is the American Bowie. It works the other way too; David Bowie is the British Springsteen.

Ok, at this point, at least half of you have snorted with disgust and are getting ready to move on to saner reading elsewhere, but please, hear me out.

Though it may appear that you couldn’t choose two more different artists to compare, the simple fact is there are way more similarities than might be apparent from just a cursory examination.

Early years

Both men were born to working class families (lower middle would, perhaps, be more accurate in Bowie’s case) in the late forties; David in ’47 and Bruce in ’49. For both boys, it was their…

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