Modern love


Sucked out of the airlock
Cornered like a rat in a crowded city square
Lowered into volcanoes
Bound up back to back in smart matching chairs

Then she tells you, then she tells you oh oh oh
Then she tells you you’re not home.

Paul Dempsey, Out the Airlock.

Yes, I write about love.

I’m aware that, in this brave new world, that is almost a subversive act. In the Era of mass data collection and Big Brother surveillance, people are becoming understandably more circumspect as regards what information they are willing to share online. I can fully appreciate that, it is a very scary thing to know that your most private interactions may be being monitored and transcribed at any given moment.

And yet, here am I laying bare my soul day after day. Am I mad? Perhaps, but I honestly believe that if we let a bunch of faceless bureaucrats & apparatchiks dictate how we live in our own world we may as well not be living at all.


In a world of seemingly endless consumerism and easy sex, it feels as if love is being sucked out the airlock. The simple kiss has lost currency and I can’t remember the last time I saw a couple walking hand in hand. And so, I feel compelled to write about what is real to me, not reality TV real, but true emotions; raw and electric.

Human feelings are a deep well, but a crack has developed and levels are dropping (I strongly suspect post-modernist ‘frackers’ may be the culprits). It falls to those of us who still feel intensely to express our truth at every opportunity.

Love is humanity’s great achievement; it both dwarfs the pyramids of Egypt and soars higher than our highest orbital satellites. When expressed with sincerity, clarity, and passion it can tear down walls and build bridges.

Sex can be great of course, but without love, it is merely OK. The nihilists who have infested and infected our culture would have us believe that we have moved beyond the need for love (particularly romantic love), but the singular truth is we’ve never needed it more.

So yes, I write about love; beautiful, fragile, passionate, and deeply subversive love.

And here you are reading about it, so I guess you’re a subversive too…



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