What is love?


They say he travels fastest who travels alone
But tonight I miss my girl mister, tonight I miss my home

Springsteen, Valentine’s Day

What would you do for the one you love?


Whenever I first tell someone about my unconventional relationship with Jersey girl, I see that look. Even as they are delivering the usual supportive platitudes, behind their eyes and at the corners of their mouths they betray the true dialogue running through their brains.

What they’re really thinking is, I suspect, one of three things; either, why on earth would you bother? Just find someone closer you idiot, or, single mother of three eh, she’s looking for a meal ticket fool, or simply, you’re never going to go be with her, you just like the idea of it.

Look, I can understand all of those perspectives to a degree. The depth to which most people are willing to commit themselves in a ‘loving’ relationship is a remarkably shallow one. In a world where money has been placed at the epicenter of most people’s lives, love, it would seem, is a second rate currency.

You can’t own another person, so for most people, love takes second place to possession. Sometimes we get the two mixed up and all kinds of unpleasantness ensues. This is not such an odd turn of events really. At one time, love took a backseat to simple survival. Back then a good woman was just someone a fella could throw behind him whilst trying to outrun a hungry bear.


That was at least understandable (the survival thing, not the bear thing), but this cult of materialism is simply distasteful. If you want to see how bad it’s getting, just sit in on a few divorce proceedings at your local family court; Mammon in the house.

I take all of this into consideration when I see that look. I get why people don’t get us. They’re too busy looking for the angle.

The truth is neither she nor I ever had a choice about this thing. It began almost of its own volition and despite our better judgement, simply refused to leave us be. This love is a beast with many claws; all of them hooks. There was never any point in struggling against it. To do so would only have torn us both apart.

And we’re totally OK with that.

What would I do for the one I love?

Whatever is required; absolutely without question.

It’s not like I have a choice.

Epicenter: The point on the Earth’s surface directly above the focus of an earthquake.

Image used in this post is my own. Antiquity belongs to the Museum of Art, Princeton University.



8 thoughts on “What is love?

      1. An Aussie and Jersey girl, sounds like a good match to me:) Love is a crazy thing, you don’t get to choose who you love and visa versa. More power to the both of you!

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  1. I love it. My So and I are in a very similar situation and we came to the conclusion that Long Distance is not something that you want or look for, you just end up there not even realizing until you are deep into it, but it worth it!


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