Let’s be friends


I’ve met a lot of cool people in the US. I’ve also met a few cool not-people. Here are my photos just because.


This is Pearl. Pearl thinks she’s people.
This is Hunter. Hunter thinks people are dumb.
I’m tellin’ you, someone’s been here.
Yes, there does indeed appear to be a squirrel in the birdseed tub.
You said there would be snacks out here.
Geese enjoying the late afternoon fall sun in Clinton.
Resident of Asbury Park.
Fish and fowl at Grounds for Sculpture.


DSC_1204 (2)
Probably not the same squirrel from before.
This little guy seemed to be trying to make friends, but the puppy statue was having none of it.
Turtles just chillin’ in Clinton.

I’ve seen a bunch of deer and the occasional ground hog too, but sadly never when I had a camera handy.

All images used are my own.


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