63. Johnny Bye-Bye


I can’t believe I go back to Australia tomorrow, my brain won’t quite wrap itself around it. This has been a superb visit and we saw and did a lot of fascinating stuff, but now I’m on my last full day and the reality of that is crushing.

The good news is that all the paperwork is now in and the process to get me here permanently is underway. The less good news is that as of this point, we have no idea when I will actually be coming back.

This is very hard on all of us, but particularly Jersey girl. When we’re all together everything feels right. To go back to separation and uncertainty is very hard to bear.

I’m sorry that I didn’t write as much as I’d intended while I was here, but much of our time has been devoted to each other and so available writing time was limited. I’ll catch you all up properly once I’m back.

Thank you all for being such a supportive bunch.


Image is my own.


6 thoughts on “63. Johnny Bye-Bye

  1. Never regret putting the pursuit of happiness over the relatively mundane things like blogwork or mowing the lawn. Live the stories while you have the chance; you can always tell us about them later… 😉

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  2. Well that’s very exciting! Still catching up with what I’ve missed but as I said the other day that is great news. Good luck to you both and I think you wrote quite a bit during your stay.


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