This land is


Some of my personal favourite photographs from my various visits to the land of Jersey girl.



DSC_3461 (3)


DSC_3401 (2)

DSC_3750 (2)



DSC_1194 (3)


DSC_1911 (2)

IMG_8072 (2)A








Mill at Clinton2

quarried stone on the Delaware river

IMG_7625 (3)


All images used in this post are my own.




15 thoughts on “This land is

  1. Super photos, mate.

    Ah, that was the one at the Yankees game 😉

    Ninth one down, ‘my favourite.
    Hills & trees.
    And colourful priories.. All in one.

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  2. Wow, great selection of favorites. Of course, many evoke personal favorite moments I’ve enjoyed living here in the Northeast. There’s one shot I’d like to know where it is: It’s 13 down from top. It reminds me of a town right here where I live now. Also, the motel doors! Is it a beach motel? Sure reminds me of one.

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      1. That’s what I love about the neighborhoods of NYC, they are so much like little communities, little townships all their own, with the flavor of the neighborhood filling the streets! It reminded me of part of Main Street in Beacon, NY, two towns over from where I’m living now.

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