The year of the scavenger


Beneath Planet of the Apes 02
Image: 20th Century Fox.



Dirty love among the tombs


When the world falls down

Will you and I even notice?

We’ve felt those rumblings beneath our feet

And dared new beginnings all the same

It doesn’t even seem ironic

That we met at the end

We both believed this love would outlive it all anyway

So, when the ruins are piled around us

We’ll fuck like monkeys atop some tumbled corinthian

The Stock Exchange, downtown?

Or maybe the Public Library up on 5th and 42nd

In a dusty beam of moonlight

On the 4th of July

The cool stone will flute your flesh

As my grimed fingers press the outline of your soot smudged hips

And the diamond dog-packs of Manhattan will howl along

When we reach our favourite bit

The pale, lonely moon won’t sanction us

The looming Chrysler

Looking down with a thousand blacked-out eyes

Could care less

It will be sad, I guess, to have only one another

And the constant sound of the rats

Making nests out of those redundant tomes

And all those piles of loot

What good ever came of all those words?

What assurances did that money buy?

The only true wisdom

I ever read was

Find what you love

And let it kill you.

All the bills in the world can’t buy a deal like that.





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