Answered Prayers





Going below (love aquatic)



The simplicity of

One hand inside another

Hyper-awareness of her hair

Hanging just above my chest

The tiniest of sounds

Breathed out through dry lips

The concentration of purpose


If this moment is all there is

If the next ends the world

Then it was perfect

Like cathedrals of dew in the morning grass

Otters playing sexy games in a crystal stream

A dragonfly hovering stationary just long enough to catch the light

Perfect forever because that’s how long each moment lasts


We send our coda into eternity

With the only language in which we’re fluent

The language of fingertips and trailing kisses and

Hot breath at our ears

That slippery instant

Where fully submerged

You remember you can breath


The slipping of the porpoise through the currents

The hard pounding of the waves against the rocks

We are all ocean born creatures when the tide begins to rise

Though we’ve taught ourselves to walk on the land

We always lay down in the waters of our desires

Dive deep into the mystery

To discover again who we might be.




Words and image are my own.







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