Last chance







I’ve lost count of all the times

I prayed in the night

Cried out to the emptiness

To end the loneliness

But the dark never answered

Through all the years of laying beside

Lovers who were not you

Lovers who taught me nothing of love

Lonely but never alone

Empty in a too cluttered life

I began to petrify

Seams of black stone almost reached my heart

Icy fingers probed my soul

We come from nothing

And to thence I was returning

Walking in an upright grave

Taking one shallow breath at a time

I could have become that frozen monument

Impervious, untouched, unloving

But then came the miracle

Out of that cold nothing

You erupted in sheets of flame

Turning cold stone to hot lava

Barren ground to fertile lands

Living fire

Burning loneliness to ash

And waking the dead from his tomb.





Words and image are my own.










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