76. Message to my girl


Hey Jersey,

Remember that first afternoon at the National in Frenchtown? I think often about the way the light shone in on all that polished wood and that strange sense of us being somewhere else entirely – somewhere timeless.


We’ve shared so many perfect moments just like that one. Walking with the spirit of Springsteen through the shell of the old casino in Asbury Park. Standing in the snow by the Delaware River, your hand warming in mine as we watched chunks of ice float past the bank. Stepping out onto the observation deck of the Empire State and gasping like the tourists we were at that first vertiginous moment looking out over an ocean of towers.


Do you think about those moments as often as I do? Do you smile in the middle of your workday in sudden remembrance of our walks with the dogs along the Columbia trail? How sticky NJ can get around July. Perhaps you think about all those great meals and exotic beers eagerly sampled at the brewpub in Long Valley, or White House, or New Hope. Maybe it’s the Beach Bar in Asbury Park that calls to you or maybe the times we didn’t go out at all.


Our life together is such a beautiful tapestry, stitched from small moments that feel vast. No detail is too small or too insignificant, all of it matters, every single thread, every intricate stitch. Nothing has ever meant more than this, I know you get that.

The colours of our woven life are not all brightly hued, there will always be dark patches to contrast the vivid, allowing the brightest threads to stand out all the more. I know that you don’t fear the dark, that like me, you have always embraced it. How could we not embrace that which is so much a part of us?

We’re a couple of weirdos, you and me, but we’re the same kind of weird. That’s what makes us strong even in our weakest moments. It’s what makes this life of long separations bearable.

And ultimately, it is why I will love you forever.

Now I wake up happy

warm in a lover’s embrace

no one else can touch us

while we’re in this place

Words and images are my own.



3 thoughts on “76. Message to my girl

  1. So beautiful, thank you! I particularly like how you said that your life together is like a tapestry. I see that about my own inner life – that I’m becoming aware of myself piece by piece. 🙂 Blessings to you both.

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