Went out for a ride



Deadbeat  avian  flew



The cuckoo is a curious bird

Not curious like a cat


It behaves in a very curious manner

Perhaps I should have said peculiar


It is a lazy (some would say indolent) creature

For rather than taking joy

In the raising of its young

It prefers to get other birds – less self-important birds –

To raise them in its place

The feathered recalcitrant seems perfectly content

With this ignoble arrangement

Untroubled by feelings of guilt, shame, or inadequacy

Happy to spend it’s time doing whatsoever it pleases

Leaving tiresome concepts like conscience

And duty

To those who can understand them

I happen to know a crazy bird like that

A preening, fowl with no sense of decency


In unrelated news

I’ve been thinking about getting a bird dog and a 12 gauge.













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