Another runner in the night







That girl and me went swimming down Wilson’s bend

It was hotter’n hell so

I left off fencing the top field and drove into town

Picked her up on her break

Said I’d have her back in plenty of time

Knew I wouldn’t

She knew too.


She ran from my pickup down to the bar

Shedding her work disguise pieces at a time

‘Til she stood smiling at the water’s edge

In wisps of immodesty

And I had to stop walking just to look

I wanted to make a grab at her right there and then

But she jumped laughing into the river

And I, keen to catch that slippery fish, followed her in

Still wearing my jeans.


I kissed that girl once in the water

Long and deep

And twice more on the sandy bar

As we dried off shivering in the flooding heat

Felt the fluttering breath from her nose on top of my lip

And wanted it right there.


Driving back, she didn’t say much

Just hung her head out the window to dry her hair

But she was smiling like a cat on a window sill

Like maybe it was her who’d hooked the fish

I let her think it and

Put my rough hand on her smooth thigh

Just letting it rest there

Casually possessive like I knew she wanted.


Dropped her back to the diner an hour late

She said she’d catch hell but she was still smiling

When I pulled away

I drove back slow and got to work

Finished that fenceline before the reddening sun touched the treetops

Went home and didn’t think about much of anything at all.





Words and image are my own.





All comments are welcomed and encouraged.





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