Devil inside



Hit pause to play



Be still o foolish heart

You can’t out race my speeding brain where

Thoughts of her come in ceaseless batches

Brown paper wrapped dispatches from my liquid core

Runners from the front lines of obsession

Bearing missives of conquest and capitulation

You beat a mean tattoo

But my mind is a double espresso in staccato

My over caffeinated brain and it’s trip-hop, double-time,

Bebop, tango of infatuation knows exactly what I want

So cool your jets blood pump

You’re too damned emotional anyway

I want to focus on that thing she does

And you keep putting love in the way.










11 thoughts on “Devil inside

      1. That’s so kind. I just in an anti-social mood. I get the flight every so often. It always passes relatively quickly.Nothing’s wrong mind you. Just find social media overwhelming at times. It’s nice to just read other people’s blogs and not worry about mine as much.

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      2. You’ll get there. It took me a few years to build up a following. It seems like the more you engage, the more people will engage with you. It can be tiring on top of Facebook and Twitter though not to mention work and family obligations

        WordPress is such a lovely place though. There’s so many wonderful writers here…you included. I love how supportive and kind people are.

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