The fuse







If you see me on the street


Ask me about her

If you care at all

Give me the opportunity to speak her name

Out loud

To tell you how her eyes possess me and

How her hair feels between my fingers

Let me tell you about her laugh

Throaty and real as fresh baked bread

Give me just one chance to pour my love out to you

Bear witness

Be the ears of the world

A media of one

Just for a moment

Defuse the ticking package inside my head


And let me be very clear on this point

If I don’t let some of this out

I will fucking explode.






Words and image are my own.








6 thoughts on “The fuse

  1. Bruce was the sole guest last night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. A long interview, and a good one. He didn’t perform. Apparently the full episode is available here, though I’m sure there are plenty of ads. You have to scroll down a bit till you come to the “full episodes” section:


    1. It hit Youtube really fast so I’ve watched it now. He’s starting to look like De Niro which seems appropriate as De Niro claims he got the “are you talkin’ to me” speech in Taxi Driver from a Springsteen show he attended at the time.

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