Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios



Weights and measures


How can you stand it?

Doesn’t it weigh you down like a stone?

You must worry constantly

About what she might get up too

While you’re an ocean away?


Of course, I see the incredulity

Tucked politely behind the eyes

Of those who think they know

What this is

If they did, there’d be less morbid curiosity

And aspirations to schadenfreude

Would be the furthest thing

From their one-trick minds

So every time I find myself staring back

At that too familiar gaze

I thank god for her

After all

Bowie found Candy Clark

When he fell to Earth

And Chuck Heston found his girl too

When he accidently did the same

(goddam you all to hell!)


And so she’s mine

My escape from the planet of the apes

Because these monkeys

And their disaster porn addiction

Are the epitome

Of everything I really cannot stand.








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