You can hide ‘neath your covers




If there’s one thing that defines amateur writers like myself (as opposed to those whom successfully write for a living), I’d say it’s our enthusiasm. We tend to write about the things we feel passionately about and where our questionable talents may fail us, our passion often carries us through. The reader may not feel as strongly about our subject as we do but as often as not it is the infectiousness of our enthusiasm that keeps them reading and, hopefully, coming back.

This is also the mysterious force that keeps us writing, even after our work goes unacknowledged or remarked upon. We continue to write because the passion we feel for our subject cannot be contained.

Those of you who visit this blog even semi-regularly know that I have three great passions; music (particularly Springsteen and Bowie), Photography (I tend not to write about that one – it can speak for itself), and most importantly, my Jersey girl.

The third was the main reason I began Runaway American Dream in the first place. Partly as a love letter to the wife of my heart and partly as a way of dealing with the crushing distance between us. It is the celebration of a life redeemed. A testament to the notion that it is never too late to find your heart’s desire.

I try to keep the blog as entertaining as possible and like to vary the content for the sake of both the reader and myself. If you are unmoved by my ramblings about music or the woman I love, there are attempts at poetry, fiction and even a little (Jersey-centric) history. Basically, anything I find interesting will wend its way – for better or worse – onto the blog at some stage.

I’ve met some really interesting people on here since I decided to put myself out there and wear my heart on my electronic sleeve.  The conversations have been a blast and I’ve really learned a lot.

I guess all of this is my roundabout way of saying thanks. Thanks for the support and for the gift of shared knowledge. It has meant the world to me. I really hope this conversation continues for a long time to come.

Words and image are my own.


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