A good year for the roses




A year of loss

A year for loosing

What are these tsunamis of grief

These earthquakes of mourning?

What will they teach us?

And who will be made better?

Will he become a more loving parent, husband, son?

Will she forgive small slights more readily?

As always seems the case

More questions raised than answered

Lord puzzlement reigns over

His eternally lost subjects

And until the very last

Not one of us knows

When my time comes

Will I die in dignity with grace

Or fall screaming into the void?












The world slides by

Through exhaustion’s haze

Gritty eyes barely register the shifting skyline

Did I sleep at all last night?

If so, I dreamt I was awake

Every tiny sound in the dark

Became my focus

Only to be replaced by the next in

The bump-tink chorus

Awake in the small hours is a little death

And 3 am knows all my secrets

Fortunately 7 am is a forgetful fool


I will sleep walk now through another day

And live in dread of the coming night

Where I may live it all again

Or not

Who can say?







Love is a battlefield?



An aging lothario reflects


He’s never been to war

But he’s been a soldier on

The battlefields of love

He was no pacifist either

He laid sieges and stormed bastions

Without fear or remorse

Took no prisoners

Gave no quarter

Fought only to win

Never considering

That perhaps he’d had it all askew

Maybe love isn’t conquest

Maybe true love

Is surrender.






Another celebration…


…of sorts

According to WordPress, today marks the one year anniversary of Runaway American Dream. I’m actually surprised it has only been that long as we seem to have covered quite a bit of ground together.

My stats, as of this moment, stand at 429 followers and around 14,380 hits. That makes me a baby compared to a lot of my readers (I’m assuming some portion of you actually read my stuff) but I’m frankly astonished that so many have dropped by at least once – incredible.

My posts currently average around twenty ‘likes’ per – compared to the hundreds that some of my favourite blogs receive any time they so much as sneeze in public – so I’d say I have quite a ways to go before anyone starts taking me in any way seriously.

That’s okay, though, I’m having a blast and enjoying the interactions I get to have here and on other blogs I follow. Those interactions aren’t as frequent as I’d like – comments mean so much more than ‘likes’ – but I’m sure that will improve over time.

This really has been a fantastic experience for me (and so much cheaper than therapy) getting my scribbles to an audience has been a dream I’ve fostered since I was a mere pup and I couldn’t have found a more appreciative and supportive bunch to unleash them upon if I’d tried.

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to drop by and a very special thank you to those of you who have taken the time to comment. I’m touched that you have allowed Jersey girl and I into your lives.

Everything in its right place





Solitude’s final moments


The long suspension draws

To its end

This broad expanse contracting by increments

Soon now the window between us will open and

The light will shine only from your upturned face

You will fold yourself against me

In a world without time

And I will gather you up

My bounty

My great reward

I am hurtling towards you now

Can you sense me?

Though I am yet to depart

I am already in motion

I am coming my love

Coming to claim my prize

Brace yourself.