87. O little town of Bethlehem


Home seems to be a theme for me of late. As we wait to hear back on our visa request, that word ‘home’ has never seemed more important. I’ve said many times on this blog that home is not a place it is the people you surround yourself with. Only people can give you your sense of belonging, of being where you are meant to be. Geography can’t do that, at least, not for me.

Jersey girl and I have spoken many times about where we would eventually like to settle down. There are quite a few places that have a lot to offer but one that we have both fallen in love with is Bethlehem PA. Situated in the Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem is a little town with a lot of history. It was the birthplace of Bethlehem steel, “the steel that built America”. The Moravian book shop on Main Street is the oldest continuously running bookstore in the world! I’ve written about the town on several occasions and posted copious numbers of pictures too.


This time I just want to focus on one particular day, the day Jersey girl and I went out specifically to see if this was the sort of town we’d like to settle down in one day. We decided we’d just walk around and get a feel for the streets, see if our particular version of home could thrive in a place like this.

From the moment we got out of the car, we found ourselves immersed in the place.


The houses run the gamut from colonial cottages to Victorian mansions, the town having been established in 1741. The streets are tree lined and broad and the town center is steeped in its historic past.














The Moravian Star can be seen everywhere (not surprising considering the significant part the Moravian church played in the town’s history).



After wandering around for several hours we found a wonderful little Celtic pub (The Red Stag). The place is run by an expat Brit who, upon hearing my accent, told us he makes quite frequent trips down to Australia (He’d just the week before returned from my old home town of Canberra in fact) for, of all things, hockey tournaments. It really is a small world sometimes.

Jersey girl looking pretty pleased with her selection.

The beer and the food were delightful and made the perfect cap to a wonderful day. We headed home both in full agreement that we could seriously consider Bethlehem a contender for our future home.

Words and images are my own.



30 thoughts on “87. O little town of Bethlehem

  1. As I think I’ve said here once before, I have relatives in Bethlehem. Yet, I never knew there was a “downtown.” One of those things where the parents drive to the neighborhood were the relatives live and there you are. Never explored it. Very happy to hear, though, that you both enjoy it so much. The Lehigh Valley is a little-known gem in Pennsylvania. It’s had it’s tough times, but there is a lot of history there, not to mention outdoorsy things to do.

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  2. Aww I completely love this! I can see your appreciation of Bethlehem just from the photos … they were taken with a lot of caring.
    Great to see Jersey girl – what an adorable smile. So glad to read your blog, and thanks for visiting mine today!
    Blessings your way and much Light,

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