88. Soul driver


And if your friends think that you should do it different
And if they think that you should do it the same
You’ve got it, just keep on pushing and, keep on pushing and
Push the sky away

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Push the sky away

What is the element that allows a love between two people living an entire world apart to survive over time? What keeps them both in orbit around each others hearts when even the simple pleasures of touch and smell are denied to them? When either could reach out and pluck the fruit from a nearby tree, what keeps them yearning and longing for that which grew under a different sky?


I cannot speak for anyone else but I know exactly what has kept my heart so singularly engaged. It’s the simple fact that from the moment her typed words and my typed words began to flow together, everything began to flow together.

There’s a feeling that borders on prescience, which seems to take over when the energy is just right. You stop wondering what you should say next and just say it. And, in that energetic flow, it often ends up being both the one thing the other wanted to hear and the truth you’ve never spoken.

That’s how it was with us, right from the first. And once we recognised it, the flood gates opened and our true selves came tumbling out. It was heady and scary and the most wonderful thing either of us had ever experienced.

Once you’ve tasted that drug, you know there’s no going back. No other relationship you could ever contemplate would have a hope of fulfilling you in the same way. You are caught in the tender entanglement of a love that’s simply too good to lose.

That’s what has sustained us over all these years, what continues to provide the strength we require to abide the long nights and the cold winters of separation.



Words and image are my own.



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