Leaving home




Departure gates


You see your world through fresh eyes

When you know you’re leaving

Things that seemed common place

And ugly

Take on a strange sad beauty

Sights you’d grown contemptuous of

Through long familiarity

Begin to feel nostalgic, comforting

Long forgotten moments spent at this restaurant

Or that theatre

Resurface with startling vividness

You recall old friends long since drifted away

And family you haven’t called in far too long

Pride in your identity and the soil of your birth

Swell up and fill your heart

You wonder if your country will even notice that it is

One proud son down

And you don’t resent the truth that

It will not

You are content to carry a piece of it with you

In your heart and in your blood

Wherever you find yourself


A new home beckons now

New memories waiting breathlessly to be born

Love what you cannot now hold on to

And hold on tight to that for which you’re leaving it.




Words and image are my own.







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