Watch that man


Watch that man!
Oh honey, watch that man
He talks like a jerk but he could eat you with a fork and spoon
Watch that man!
Oh honey, watch that man
He walks like a jerk
But he’s only taking care of the room
Must be in tune

Bowie, Watch that Man

Oh, the duplicity of Real Estate Agents

Okay, I’ve got my detective hat on again (groans from the rapidly dwindling audience). I came upon this article on the web the other day and, of course, the mention of Bowie had me sitting up straight in my chair (god I’m a tragic sometimes). This was the blurb that caught my eye;

If you love New York City lofts filled with wood beams and white-painted exposed bricks, you’re gonna love the former home of the late great David Bowie. Currently available to rent for $43,000/month through NestSeekers International, it’s the kind of tastefully extravagant living space any person dreams of. Now go and sign that lease as soon as possible – we’ll even help you throw the welcome party…..

Sounds great, right? I mean, how amazing would it be to have the chance to live in an apartment that was once Bowie’s? Who (that could afford $43,000 per month!) wouldn’t jump at the chance to be able to throw that little tidbit in at their next dinner party?

Something about it just didn’t sound right, though. At first, I thought it must be a place he’d lived in before moving to his penthouse on Lafayette Street. I knew about another place in SOHO he’d owned briefly, though I don’t believe he actually ever lived there.

I was intrigued, I’ll admit. Where was this ‘former home of the late great David Bowie’ actually located? Then I noticed this photo or, more specifically, the view outside the window.


The buildings across the street looked very familiar to me. In fact, I was quite sure that the side alley you can just make out was Jersey Street which meant that this indeed had to be the building where Bowie’s penthouse is situated (285 Lafayette Street). But this was clearly not a penthouse view. This was first or second floor at best – fishy.

I went through my own photos to be sure I’d identified the location correctly and found this shot I took from Jersey Street with Bowie’s building foreground left;


There’s no doubt that it’s the same locale, which means the blurb was a deliberate attempt to deceive potential renters. Technically, the article is correct, Bowie did indeed call the building home. However, the way it is worded, you are definitely given the impression that the actual apartment was once inhabited by the man himself.

I know that they do this sort of thing all the time, but as someone who passionately loves Bowie’s music, I find it irksome that tacky estate agents are willing to trade on his name in such a dishonest way so soon after his passing.

Photograph 1: NestSeekers International. Photograph 2 is my own.



3 thoughts on “Watch that man

  1. Frankly, doesn’t surprise me in the least that they would misrepresent it. It’s a sad comment about capitalism (especially American-style) that you do what you gotta do to make the sale. It’s not true of everyone, mind you. But many have no compunction. The guy that posted that listing doesn’t share your passion for Bowie’s music, or even, for that matter, Bowie. He “cares” about him as a means to an end, nothing more..

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