Shoot you down


A small attempt at a different form of poetic expression.



The cult of two


This love is carved in stone

Not written in sand

I’ll be here for you

Down by law for you

I’ll crawl to you

No rising tide

Can wash away

This devotion

My emotion

This is permanent marker

Writ large on my heart

It’s indelible


I declare it

Baby, I swear it

Wear it

My heart’s on my coat

That’s no joke

Simple arithmetic

Me plus you

No need to explain it

No Tipp-Ex can erase it

There’s no remover

For this stain

With no shame

You can’t waste that

But you can taste that

Try some

Buy some

Ain’t no government cheese

This is some creamy brie

You ‘n’ me

No Swiss neither

Got no truck with neutrality

We’re soldiers on the battlefield

Of love

And we shoot each other down.







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