From ashes


This bushfire that has engulfed us

Continues inexorably to spread

Now almost everything from our before time

Has been consumed

Reduced to a blanket of fine ash

Ready for the first stiff breeze to scatter it

And still these wild flames seek more fuel

Soon even my country will be gone

And all whom I have known

Ash in the wind

This is what the Phoenix knew

To seize your heart’s desire

You must walk naked into fire

You must be purged of every old disappointment

And systemic failure

Every foolish choice

Every clinging mistake

You must burn the old skin clean

Only then can you step into your new life

And make dream flesh.




Make you better



Lessons learned and unlearned


Things throw weird shapes

Form odd configurations

Like a row of crooked tombstones

Or an old man’s broken teeth

Life is never tidy

Rarely tied up in a neat bow

We stagger over the

Obstacle course of our mistakes

Get tangled in the barbed wire of our

Pointless battles

And rail against our self-inflicted injustices

In our fruitless search for that perfect

Tranquil life

And why we have to grow so old

Before it finally dawns that

Perfection is in the moments

Never in the years

Is a mystery beyond this bad poet’s ken.




Words and image are my own.


Underwater love


A small light in the deep dark


I dreamed I was beneath your sea

One held breath

And eyes full of wonder

I swam beneath the surface tension

Deep beneath your storm wracked waves

To that place where colours dart

And tendrils wave

That place within you where all is silence

I dove deeper still

To your sandy bed

Searched among the hard places

Where grit becomes beauty

And there I found your oyster

Which I eagerly shucked

To reveal the pearl

That perfect luminescent orb

Your shining soul

I slipped you then into my mouth

And fetched you into the air and the light

Just to gaze upon your face forever.



Your own worst enemy


Stolen grace


The past comes flooding in

So many moments that had washed out to sea

This knocking of flotsam

Jumble of jetsam

Swirl about me in wearisome entanglements


I am the sailor pulled from the water

Memory only slowly returning

Identity uncertain

Who threw out the rope?

Who hauled me in?

Was I not happy in the bosom of the waves?

Now I am laid out upon your rough deck

Subject again to your laws and regulations

Tell me not that I am free when

The desperate past is my cruel gaoler

Don’t strand me here like a castaway


Release me back into the sea.



Straight time


On my hard to find (because I totally set it up wrong) About page, I wrote that this blog is basically a love letter. At its core, it is the story of my long-distance relationship with Jersey girl.

That relationship was meant to be the main focus of the blog, the narrative arc if you will. However, as time has gone by, other elements have slipped in. Having written about a bazillion poems (I know right, WTF), I’ve managed to bury the lead as it were. In short, I had to go and get all poetical and totally diluted the love story in the process.

Today I spent about four hours doing some much-needed housekeeping on here and now the narrative has been restored to its former prominence. I have created a number of sections under the category “Love letters” which will allow new readers and old alike easy access to the full story from the beginning to the present.

If you decide to read it all the way through, I hope you find it more engaging and less a self-indulgent plea for attention. More than one reader has told me that they found some of the subject matter useful in their own lives. If that’s so, then I feel it has been a worthwhile endeavor.

I would also like to point the reader towards the two new categories “On love” and “Kingdom of days” both of which feature material relevant to the main narrative. And for a different perspective, the category “Jersey girl” features a couple of her writings on the subject of – you guessed it – us.

I’m very much hoping, now Jersey no longer works for a certain book chain, that she can get her life back and find the time to contribute more often.

Sea of love




Over horizon


A beach without an ocean

Is nothing but a desert

And you my love

Have had only shifting sands to sustain you

For so long now

You’ve forgotten how to swim

Let me be your water

And pour myself over you

Let me bring back life

In myriad forms

I long to cool your fevered head

Your anxious soul

I long to be the

Tide that brings your little boat away

And returns you to your true home

Among the the surging waves.





Words and image are my own.