Stepping out


Crisp light throws a million tiny shadows

Across the dry stubble lawns of this

Unyielding suburbia

Creating textural compositions from

Cured grass and sickly weeds

This place is austere, bleached like a faded Polaroid

From long lost childhood

Muted greens cling to the edges

Of hay coloured yards

And cracked cement paths

Heat rises from the road in flattened sworls

Distorting and obscuring the ugly reality

not quite enough to make you believe the view is

More interesting than you know it to be

Even the birds are keeping to the trees today

Save for one lonely raven

High up and drifting

Desolately across an empty sky

Its plaintive, intermittent croaks

Go unanswered

Until it is lost behind the shimmering rooftops

As if it never existed at all

I think of the snow in New Jersey

The brilliant white

That muffled silence

Red rawness of the cold on your cheeks

The footprints of squirrels traversing the yard

In a hundred intersecting trails

There is magic in such alien settings

Transformation of landscape and perception

Perhaps I’m blinded by love

And your irresistible eyes

But I’ll take your bleak winter white over

My bleached summer desolation

Any day





Words and image are my own.



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