Waiting for distance



It lives

He is just a man

No super powers

No great insights

A loose collection of flaws

Bound together into the shape

Of an adult

He gets it wrong more often

Than he cares to admit

Is all too capable of hurting the things

He loves the most

Lies more desperately to himself

Than to others

And lays awake at 3 am

Racked by doubts

And tortured by memories

He knows that she is foolish

In her willingness to ignore his faults

And give her heart to him

But because he is the bigger fool

He reminds himself

He’s not a monster

He is just a man.








6 thoughts on “Waiting for distance

  1. wow. well, I want to say first of all a fine poem and secondly, something that won’t be meaningful until you are ready to accept it. You are human and that is good enough – do not practice opposite emotions, anger and remorse for example. when we are able to return to ‘center’ emotionally instead of those wide emotional swings we become pretty darned awesome.

    Here I am, sounding like I am lecturing but someone taught me that when I needed it and I can never repay that person in this lifetime for that lesson set me free.

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    1. I’m pretty much in agreement with you on this. I was actually tapping in to long held emotional beliefs which feel I have now moved well beyond.
      I find it can be very useful to explore a range of emotions when I’m writing.

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