Hungry heart




I dreamed I was a hunter

Your devoted pet

Walking languidly at your side

On heavy padded paws

My deadly claws hunted only in your service

My teeth never sinking into warm flesh until

Sated by my kill

You tossed me my portion

Only then did I devour the meat

As my eyes devoured your form

And when it was gone

My great head rubbed against your side

As your fingers furrowed trails across my scalp

I was so happy to be your beast

Your loyal creature

Your fierce protector

My purpose clear as a mountain stream


I awoke to a profound sense of disappointment

I was back in this weak shell

No claw or fang

But my heart remained the hunter

Who would gladly starve to keep you fed

Willingly die to keep you safe.




7 thoughts on “Hungry heart

  1. The heart is a lonely hunter as well. Probably the first work that introduced me to Southern Fiction.

    By the have I never come across this video before? It’s odd…this song was popular, I remember hearing it a lot (on the radio, back then) and had no idea this was a Springsteen song. It never “sounds” like him to me. This video looks like it was done during the Lucky Town time period. Interesting.

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    1. “No music video was recorded for the initial release in 1980, however a video clip was filmed for the song’s re-release in 1995. This was filmed on July 9, 1995 at the tiny Café Eckstein in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. The video featured German rock star Wolfgang Niedecken and his “Leopardefellband”, although neither are heard on the actual audio track, as this so-called “Berlin 95″ version (which was also released on CD singles) just features Springsteen’s live vocals and audience noise laid over the song’s original 1980 E Street Band studio recording.” ~ Wikipedia.
      It doesn’t sound like him because they actually sped up the recording raising the pitch of his voice.

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