My 3 favourite Springsteen songs he never wrote


Every now and then, I come across a song by a band or artist that makes me think, ‘wow, Springsteen could have written this track’. This has led me to wonder about what it is exactly that defines a Boss song.

As I believe my selections below demonstrate, there’s really no typical style or methodology that singularly defines Springsteen’s songs. I would have said it was their quintessential Americana that gave them their commonality but two of the songs below are Australian in origin and identity and yet still have that quality that places them firmly in Springsteen’s wheelhouse. I must, therefore, conclude that it is, in fact, the spirit of the songs which mark their ‘Bruceness’.

Paul Kelly and the Messengers – Sweet Guy

There is actually a baker’s dozen worth of Paul Kelly songs that Springsteen should cover live immediately. Just listen to Foggy Highway, To Her Door, Pouring Petrol on a Burning man or If I Could Start Today Again and I think you’ll get my point. However, I ‘ve chosen Sweet Guy because it reminds me of the E Street Band in full rev on songs like Radio Nowhere and Murder Incorporated.


Cold Chisel – Flame Trees

I could just as easily have chosen Khe Sanh (the Australian Born in the USA) but this track is probably the most beautiful Chisel ever produced and sits right smack in  Springsteen’s spiritual heartland. A song about small town life redolent with longing and regret. I’d love to hear what The Boss would do with this gem. The comparisons are obvious: My Home Town, Long Walk Home, Factory all live in the same space as Flame Trees.

As an aside, Chisel front man Jimmy Barnes covered Steve Van Zandt’s Ride the Night Away (originally recorded by Southside Johnny) on his first solo album For the Working Class Man and reprised it later with Stevie playing guitar on the recording.


The Decemberists – Down By The Water

This track, off the Decemberists’ album The King Is Dead, has all the hallmarks of  Americana Springsteen style. Again, this is real heartland stuff and I can hear The Boss belting this out with Patti and Soozie lending just the right flourishes on backing vocals. The harmonica at the beginning, in particular, reminds me of the plaintive opening strains of The River.


Other Decemberist songs that feel ‘touched by The Boss’ are: Make You Better, Rise to Me, Calamity Song, Stateside and The Harrowed And The Haunted.

I know the stylings of the various vocalists featured in these songs can be a little distracting but, if you imagine Bruce singing the leads, they suddenly take on a very E Street/Springsteen aspect.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’d be interested in hearing from you about your own candidates for perhaps a Part two of this post.*

*I’d also thought about including XTC’s Hang on to the Night as a wild card because it reminds me quite a lot of some of the Darkness on the Edge of Town outtakes to be found on Tracks and The Promise but, in the end, I decided to leave it out because it is very 70s New Wave and not something that ever would have made it onto an actual Springsteen recording proper (and yet, here it still is).



Words and image are my own.



11 thoughts on “My 3 favourite Springsteen songs he never wrote

  1. Like the comment above, “Very cool post”. Always thought that Paul had the same vibe. “To Her Door’ was the first PK song I ever heard and it was in the same vein. So many artists I listen too could be thrown into the mix. You’ve got me hearing all sorts of tunes. Good one!!

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      1. Good luck on the trip. Your piece made me think of a couple no brainers. Early Bob Seeger. Anything Steve Forbert. I bought his debut ‘Alive On Arrival’ way back. Great album. You should hear some similarities to your guy. I’ll be doing takes on both those guys for sure. Gram and Tom are in my pile. Just listened to Petty and the Heartbreakers ‘Echo’. Real good album. Enjoy your musical trip and the important one. CB

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