Up the stairs






Is it w o r t h y ?

This thing, this


Little packets of self

Sent out in tiny boats across

The electronic sea

Declarations of a creative spirit

Valued perfunctorily in likes and follows


What’s it really w o r t h ?

Why should any care?

Weighed against the things that

Feel true, feel


The unswervingly loyal heart of a dog

For the one who chose it

The ceaseless sacrifice of the mother

For an ungrateful child

The courage of those who ran up the stairs

As others fled down them

And selflessness of those who brought the wounded in

Under fire

What weight do these words

These impressions from a singular perspective

Even have?

If a w o r t h y soul is as light as a feather

Then mere words are a cry in the vacuum

Everything that really matters

Can be expressed in

A single


The most epic poetry

Is there complete in the moment two lovers’ eyes lock

And do not turn away.





Words and image are my own.


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