Queen of hearts


Hand to hold


At the denouement

We peer from our high bluff

Looking back

Upon all we bore

The deep black nights

And bleary red mornings

Seeing in this moment how the p a t i e n c e

The crazed commitment

With    no    certain hope of reward



Paid off

Knowing that

Though we were insane to believe

In the h a n d we held

The universe saw our insanity

And    raised the ante

And on a


We snatched the pot.



Words are my own.







8 thoughts on “Queen of hearts

      1. You’ve influenced my tastes quite a bit over the past year or so, Jim.
        I liked the Allmans but it was your passion that made me look deeper. Plus coming to America over these past three years has got me searching for the ‘authentic’ American sound. I was always more of an Anglophile in my youth.


      2. You guys have some pretty good stuff going on over in Oz. Me, I’m a total Anglophile. Love the music and the people. BTW, have you listened to Van Zandt’s new album? Good stuff. Right up your alley. Maybe you reviewed it, I forget. Mea culpa, if so.

        Liked by 1 person

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