The old churchyard





Silent fields


I pass among the drunken


Weathered and worn

Time has wiped the names down to

mere impressions

Guesswork for the curious

“Dearly beloved wife of- ” someone gone

“Remembered fondly by- ” those now long



Two names that can still be discerned

Also grace street signs in this town

But few who drive down them know enough

To care

Old Joe, the town’s historian (self appointed)

Could give you chapter and verse

On who did what to whom

In the Winter of 1762

But people know better than to get caught up

In a conversation with Joe


So I bide awhile

Among the forgotten dead

Looking for the shot

And finding only melancholy

They’re lying here

Those who built this town up from the dirt

Which is now their bed

While we just live in it and build


How they must pity me

As I walk over their graves

Just looking for a shot.










Words and images are my own.




5 thoughts on “The old churchyard

  1. My daughter and I love visiting old cemeteries… this one looks like one that we might have visited in NJ while looking for our ancestors ! Where is it ?

    Liked by 1 person

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