The Lean Years 15


This is the end…

Sadly (for some, happily for others) this is the last remaining Lean Years strip. The rest have been lost to time. I’ve enjoyed reliving those days with Y’all – self-indulgent as it’s been – but now it’s done. Gone like the 90s.


Lean years 15 001colour2.jpg

The artwork and characters featured in this strip are my personal IP and may not be reproduced or distributed without my express permission. Β©1990-2017



18 thoughts on “The Lean Years 15

      1. As the creator, you can certainly reimagine them as you wish. Some, of course, will have fallen by the wayside, others may still be creative. Who knows? Maybe some of them are now happily married and relocated to another country!

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      2. Were I to use my own former band as the template; one is now a successful graphic designer trying to get a little musical project together, one is a university lecturer in economics (who has recently released an album for his own musical project), one has, as you say, relocated to another country, two are unknown to me now, and one has died.


      3. Sorry to hear about your mate. Sounds like otherwise, they are doing ok. In my own case, I see the guy I started my band with all the time. We talk on the phone (music and politics) frequently and have recently resumed jamming. I hadn’t seen the drummer in years. Contacted him last year, went to a show and was reminded of his oddball ways. (He’s a libertarian whose blog makes him sound like a total crackpot.) We last saw the lead singer/harmonica player (this was a J. Geils-type band) in 1996. I know this because we all, for some reason, went to see the movie “Michael Collins” together. As to the rest, fate unknown.

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      4. Yeah, I was very sad to hear of his passing. We’d been out of touch for years but it still shocked me to the core.
        What I meant to say before was, β€œone has relocated to another country AND now writes a successful blog read by tens of people.” Sold myself short there. πŸ˜‰


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