Saving Grace



The hunter and the ring (of paler skin)


She played the game just right

Laughed out loud at all his jokes

No matter how stupid or

Off colour

Leaned in closer when he spoke

Her smile anticipating his next brilliant


Telling him wordlessly

Just how fascinating he was


The hand resting on his thigh while she listened


Was perhaps belabouring things

Just a little

But the stakes were high

And there was no way

She was going home to that bastard tonight


He kept staring at her finger as he plied her with


That telltale band of paler skin where she’d

Slipped her chain (just for the night)

It made her a little queasy with shame

If she was honest with herself

But in the end

She let him take her back to his

And have her just

The same


The next day at the office

He told all the boys about the

Married cooch he’d bagged last night

Feeling proud and enviable

As if it were he

Who’d done the stalking.






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