New York City Seranade


My kind of town


That hot electric  s c e n t

Coming up from Penn

The hustling jumble along Broadway

Recomposing the city

In the viewfinder of my camera

Buying New York poets

In the Strand


Scouting for gargoyles and hearing

Five languages in the space of a block

In incomplete snippets

Of passion, frustration, and sad resignation


The genius crazies keeping it unreal

Water sellers on Brooklyn Bridge

“Ice cold fer a dollah”

The sublime chaos

The tragedian absurdities

The assholian arrogance

This is my city now



Try and take it from me.






















Words and images are my own.




9 thoughts on “New York City Seranade

  1. Hey, man. You can have it. I used to live there. I now consider it a very nice place to visit. “Assholian.” Good word. What do you think of this “Springsteen on Broadway” thing? Seems to me the media is making a big deal over not too much. Bruce has done a million solo shows. The fact that he’s reading from his book and doing it on Broadway doesn’t suddenly turn it into “Asbury – The Musical.” (Which I very much want to see someday. Who would play The Boss?)


    1. I’ve thought a lot about who could play a young Springsteen. I can’t think of a single actor that has the right feel. I did think this guy had the right musical chops and a pretty close look to boot. Just don’t know if he can act.


      1. How about Ryan Gosling? He seems to be all-purpose. :-D. And if you think Philly and NYC have a thing, try Boston. My last stint living in NYC was in the West Village for six months. I just got tired of people walking into me in streets and subways. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great place and – apart from London or Paris – can’t find anything like it. But live there again? No thanks.

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      2. Funny you should say that about people walking into you. I was there for a couple of days with my son and my mate (who’d both come over from Melbourne for our wedding) and all three of us who are used to Melbourne streets were struck by how rarely that actually happens in NYC. Melbourne is a much smaller city than New York but people trying to walk right through you on the streets is a far more common occurrence there than I’ve ever encountered in NY.


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