Part 15: New Perspectives



I wanted to share this here as it represents a major

(almost unbelievable) development in the story I’ve been researching since 2004.

A Padiham Man's Great Sacrifice

You cannot realise what war is like. Belgium – well there is no Belgium now for it is a mass of ruins.

I had begun to feel that the quest was drawing to a close. My sporadic efforts to find out more were all coming up dry and I was slowly resigning myself to the idea that I had found out all it was possible to know about my tragic ancestor.

Then a red letter day rolled around, the 100th anniversary of John Harry’s death. I, of course, could not let such a momentous event pass without paying some sort of tribute. There are a few select Facebook groups to which I belong. One of these, the Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades Association, I have mentioned in a previous post. The other group is the Ye Olde Padiham group where past and former residents of John’s hometown share their…

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