The Walk





Unwelcome Solitude


Scuffing my heels

Down Old Jericho Road

Further, than I care to go

Past those twisted old men of

Gnarled bark and twiggy bones

By the incessant babble of

The river’s winding bed


There’s a stagnant breeze

Bearing rust from the steelworks

Repeating my name in

A singular rhythm




Through the sullen wood

The crack of dead sticks

Fraying my over taut nerves

There’s too much shadow

For this time of the day

And the cant of the road

Skews my p e r c e p t i o n

I think of home

And my girl beside me

And wish I’d brought the dog

For the company


Dragging my heels

Along Old Jericho Road

Going further down than

I want to go.




Words and image are my own.






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