Iron men: Part 3


Part 2

I mentioned in part one of this series that High Bridge and, specifically, Taylor Iron and Steel had produced a Brigadier General for the Federalist Army during the Great War Between the States.

General Taylor was to die from wounds received at the Battle of Manassas Station and be buried in nearby Clinton, NJ (one town over from High Bridge). At the time of writing that piece, I had not yet had the opportunity to visit Taylor’s tomb but I have since done so and I thought I’d share some images for those who might be interested.

Taylor’s nephew (who was killed in action a year after his illustrious uncle) is buried alongside the General.


LRV -753

LRV -752

LRV -751


LRV -749
The General’s nephew.


I wasn’t expecting to be in Clinton on this particular day and so didn’t have my camera with me. These shots are off my phone and so a little basic.

In the fourth and final instalment, I’ll be exploring how the modern town of High Bridge got its name.


Words and images are my own.




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