Wild Pony


As I may previously have mentioned, We saw Southside Johnny and the Asbury Dukes this Saturday past. As I may also have mentioned, The Stone Pony has a strict ‘no cameras’ policy so I was unable to properly document what proved to be an absolutely fantastic show.

I did, however, have my trusty phone so here are a few brief impressions of the gig in low rez.




This band has been doing what they do for close to half a century and got their start in the same tiny Asbury Park club as Springsteen and the E Street Band. It was obvious that many at the gig were longtime fans who had shared a great deal of history with The Dukes.

20180707_194659a - Copy

The first act was Remember Jones, another Jersey band very reminiscent of the younger Dukes of yesteryear. They did covers and originals and absolutely nailed a cover of Queen’s Don’t stop me Now. It was good to see the Jersey soul sound was still alive and kicking and in good hands.




The weather was perfect and the bands were hot. What more could one need on a summer’s evening in Jersey?

Both of the above videos are from this gig. There was also a sizeable crowd listening for free from the Boardwalk, as you can see in the video below.


And if you want to see how the gig looked when photographed properly, shoot over to my friend Mark’s site here.

Mark scored a photographer’s pass to shoot the event and did a fantastic job as usual.

9 thoughts on “Wild Pony

      1. He has so many good tunes and then he busts out ‘Shook Up Girl”. I love it when all those guys I dig sing each others tunes. They are all drinking out of the swamp or the river. Lot of history and respect and a whole lot of great music. You’re lucky to be getting it first hand.

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  1. Thank for sharing. When you said they have been preforming for close to a half a century. I have to admit I am ashamed to say. I have never heard of this them., but they must be good to have lasted so long. I will have to look them up.


  2. Oh you were there! Wish I had known, we could have met up. Glad you had a chance to see such a legendary band in Asbury Park no less. It’s a thought-provoking discussion (which I had Sunday evening with someone) as to why Bruce hit it SO big, while Southside and the Jukes had huge regional acclaim and some ex-US popularity (they are headed to Europe this week, actually) but never super-huge. Heck, Bruce and Southside traded songs…The Fever, Hearts of Stone, etc. Funny, that music business. [as an aside, if you head over to backstreets.com, they are featuring my photos from the show as well as a short write-up] Sirux XM will rebroadcast the Summer Stage show on Wednesday 7/11 on E Street Radio if you or your readers have the channel]

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    1. I was looking for you. Figured you’d be there. Yes it’s interesting that Bruce made it so high and Johnny never managed it but I think it’s down to two factors; first, The Dukes were doing Soul at a time when its popularity was waning and unlike Springsteen stuck to their guns. And second, Springsteen just had a mountain of determination to make it.
      At least, that’s my take.


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