The Cascades

Reblogging this just because I miss my son today.

Runaway American Dream

My son is currently visiting us from Melbourne and we’ve really been enjoying showing him around the county (it’s actually his third time here but there’s always more to see). He really seems to love the place (not to mention our proximity to both NYC and Philly).

Yesterday, he and I took a hike along the Columbia trail in High Bridge. I’d never done the walk in winter and was amazed by how different it all looked.

Several times along the way we came across little patches of wonder. I don’t think I ever realised before how beautiful mere frozen water could be.

LRV-6965PSetsya.jpgIMG_6996b.jpgLRV 7001aPSHetsyLRV-7009PSetsyLRV-7011PSetsyLRV-7013PSetsyLRV-7018PSetsyLRV-7019PSetsyLRV-7020PSetsyLRV-7023PSetsyLRV-7024PSetsyLRV-7025PSHetsyLRV-7026PSHetsyLRV-7028PSHetsyLRV-7030PSHetsyLRV-7033PSHetsyLRV-7034PSHetsyLRV-7035PSHetsyLRV-7036PSHetsy

IMG_7048a The ice was very thick.


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