So, Jersey girl and I have been in Maine.



LRV2-8624 2PSetsy.jpg

LRV-8618 2PSetsy


LRV-8610 2PSetsy

LRV-8628A 2PSetsy.jpg







All images are my own.



16 thoughts on “Wilderness

  1. I love your photos. My mother was born in Maine and I’m familiar with what a beautiful state it is. Did you get to Acadia Natl Park ?


  2. My son and his girlfriend were camping in Acadia park just this past weekend. They are big outdoors people (rock climbing, hiking, camping, etc.) and loved it up there. They ventured into the “big city” (Bar Harbor, pop. 5400) but found it too much of a metropolis and made their way back into the woods. My daughter was up in Vermont on an outdoor scavenger hunt with her crew the week before. Both make much of living in New England. You can get from Boston to the woods in a few hours or so. Plenty of outdoor concerts too.

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  3. so different from our ‘wilderness’……smells different too. Babette’s place on vinyl haven….off east coast Maine has lots of these too where about were you and JG x m |


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