Warning Bell






Something stolen

Not difficult to define

Falling symbols

Clanging like a warning bell

An ending locked

Into a darker beginning


We tipped over that day

Falling into each other

Eyes blinded

By pyroclastic clouds

Of displaced faith


Everything changed

Nothing was spared

Concrete narratives shattered

Became dust

Now we breathe them in

Until we choke


Shaken to our very foundations

We stand on our resolve

In an emptier space than we remember

Always wary

Always watched

Something stolen, never to return.




5 thoughts on “Warning Bell

  1. Wow, very cool that you’re doing so much poetry! This is interesting, like a rebirth into something not so friendly. Peace is present somewhere 🙂 Sending you and your Beloved a lot of blessings. Thanks for visiting my blog, so lovely to reconnect with you. Debbie

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