My obsession




So, me being me, I’ve foolishly started another blog (I know, I know, I hardly have time these days for this one) but having written extensively about the love of my life for many years now, I feel the pull to write about another love; craft beer.

I hope some of you, my valued readers, will make the hazardous crossing to my other little island of obsession. I would love to see you there.

Two Rivers Brewery




5 thoughts on “My obsession

  1. Huh! I had no idea you were a craft beer kind of guy. I’m also glad to see you’re a burger kind of guy. Does craft necessarily imply local? My guess is that it does and there’d be no way to get most of them outside of that region.


    1. Many of the beers will be harder to find beyond the tri-state area and Pennsylvania, it’s true. However, I’ll also be dealing with some that have achieved distribution beyond the local area and I hope some readers will have the opportunity to visit the area at some point. In which case, this blog becomes a handy guide to places worth a visit.


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