Short memory





To the broken goes the crown


It circles unerringly

Ready to drop like an arrow

Or God’s hammer

This shifting of allegiances

This disregard for past loyalties

When did we become Mercury?

Slick and slippery

When did the flow of poison gather momentum?

I have no answer

When the pillars we stand upon

Begin to melt, warp, crack, and tumble

We all fall together into flame

A heap of flailing limbs and lashing teeth

In a tangle from which no one rises

A hill of discontent crowned with

The ruins of resentment.






Words and image are my own.



3 thoughts on “Short memory

    1. I’ve been working night shifts in a big box arts and crafts store. Most days I’m too damned tired to write (I don’t sleep well during the day, unfortunately).
      Midnight Oil were a seminal Aussie rock outfit throughout the seventies, eighties and nineties. Lead singer Peter Garrett ended up an MP in the Labor Party.


      1. One does what one has to do I suppose. I was kidding about Midnight Oil. Know them reasonably well, even might use a song or two in a post. Did not know about Garrett. Glenda Jackson was an MP in England. And of course, we have a circus clown for president.


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