And now for something completely different, again




Almost every government response to an emergency throughout history has looked like tyranny.


Dear “it’s all being faked to steal our freedom” people,

So, you believe they’re all exaggerating. Every government in the World. All the Doctors who are seeing it first-hand. All the grieving families.

COVID-19 was so bad in Wuhan they were welding up entire apartment buildings full of people to contain it and lying about the huge numbers who were dying. People there were jumping out of windows to die faster. We only got a hint of how bad it really was much later, when the cremated remains of the victims were being returned to families in their tens of thousands (where surviving family members remained). And, now the funeral homes are mysteriously burning down.

It was so bad in Iran, they too downplayed the numbers (so as not to appear weak) but the virus cut a swathe through their political elites anyway.

But we’re supposed to believe that here the numbers are being exaggerated upwards, that this is no worse than regular flu? We’re supposed to ignore all the medics tweeting their desperation and despair from the front lines in New York and other hot-spots because the emergency rooms in podunk, Alabama are quiet? Tiktok dance routines are proof that all the doctors are lying about the seriousness of the situation? Are you twelve?

I’m sure all this conspiracy theorizing is fun but if you really believe that every country on the planet (including enemies like Iran) are all coordinating with us to create the ‘lie’ that this virus is much worse than it actually is (even the countries who have consistently under-reported the numbers of dead), sorry friend but you’re a loon.

Y’all stay safe, ya hear?


Now, for the rest of us who are taking this seriously, should the lock-downs end? Probably at this point, as the facts on the ground suggest that this virus isn’t going away anytime soon. COVID-19 is likely going to be a fact of life from now on.

If the past month served to cushion our hospitals from the worst of the onslaught then that’s a good thing but it can’t have stopped the virus, only slowed it down. Our hospitals are now going to have to make themselves COVID proof on some level because I don’t think we can afford to buy them much more time if we don’t want to completely wreck our economy.

People may need to reconsider if they want to live in built-up areas in future. All the hot-spots, not surprisingly, seem to be happening where people live in close proximity to each other.

We’ll also need to pay special care to our most vulnerable. These care home tragedies have highlighted the weakness of a system that bundles the old and frail together in environments where contagion can easily spread from person to person.

Let’s be frank here, America is a profoundly unhealthy society. Many have underlying health issues that make them extremely vulnerable to easily-spread diseases. “Most of the people who die of COVID have a co-morbidity,” the cynical like to remind us. I’d like to remind them that they are describing a huge proportion of the American populace.

I believe COVID-19 is bad, very bad. It’s still early days and I doubt it has shown us its worst face yet. We should all remember that the first wave of the 1918 flu seemed mild, only killing the very old, the very frail, and the very young. It was the second wave that decimated everyone else.


Words and image are my own.

25 thoughts on “And now for something completely different, again

  1. Yes and having never really lived through one of these outbreaks till now, I’m finding that it brings the best and worst out in people depending, one supposes, on what they already brought to the table. In addition to the character traits you mention, there is a long strain of “we have individual freedom/don’t tread on us/we’ll do what we want even if it’s against our best interests” attitudes in this country. Especially out West and in my own next-door neighbor, Suck Hampshire. (Fucking hate that state.) People (and governors) in rural places think that they are immune and that it’s just a New York City thing. It’s a relentless strain of stubbornness that tells me not only do I not want to live in those places but I will also likely never visit them. Their infection rates have jacked up lately. South Dakota had a 205% spike last week. They (and all other deniers) should sit down and watch videos posted in news articles about the trench warfare going on in hospitals worldwide.

    Behind their quaint veneer, these people are quite willfully ignorant. Jacksonville, Fla has opened up its beaches and people flocked to them. Good luck to them. For me, I will go back into society at my own pace. I am not independently wealthy but have the luxury of working from home and having at least a little cushion of funds. I am a consultant and so will turn down gigs where they ask me to come on-site for at least a year. No (or very little) vacation, no movies, no concerts, no ballgames, no restaurants unless they comply with social distancing standards. Some may say this is not a life worth living. I say, like Rocky, “I just wanna go the distance.”

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    1. I saw this on Fb and thought it sums things up pretty well.

      Someone on my feed posted some shit about those asshole protesters in Michigan. Here’s a rebuttal from someone who actually knows what the fuck they’re talking about. If you recognize yourself feel free to unfriend me.

      This is from an ER nurse:

      “I am posting, for once, about something other than my dog.

      I have seen 4 patients die, 5 get intubated, 2 re-intubated, witnessed family consent to make 2 more patients DNRs, sweat my butt off during CPR, titrated so many drips to no avail, watched vent settings increase to no avail. We are exhausted and at a total loss.

      All of this in two shifts in a row.

      Some of you people have never done EVERYTHING you could to save someone, and watched them die anyway, and it shows.

      I would have no problem if you fools worried about your “freedom” all went out and got COVID. If only you could sign a form stating that you revoke your right to have medical treatment based on your cavalier antics and refusal to abide by CDC and medical professionals’ advice. If you were the only people who got infected during your escapades to protest tyranny, great. But that’s sadly not how this works.

      You wanna complain because the garden aisle is closed? If you knew a thing about gardening, you’d know it’s too early to plant in Michigan. Your garden doesn’t matter. If killing your plants would bring back my patients, I would pillage the shit out of your “essential” garden beds.

      Upset because you can’t go boating…in Michigan…in April…in the cold-ass water? You wanna tell my patient’s daughter (who was sobbing as she said goodbye to her father over the phone) about your first-world problems?
      Upset because you can’t go to your cottage up north? Your cottage…your second property…used for leisure. My coworkers can’t even stay in their regular homes. Most have been staying in hotels and dorms, not able to see their spouses or babies.

      All of these posts, petitions online to evade “tyranny”, it’s all such bullshit. I’m sorry you’re bored and have nothing to do but bitch and moan. You wanna pick up a couple hours for me? Yeah, didn’t think so. I wouldn’t trust most of you with patient care, anyway. Not just because of the selfish lack of humanity your posts exude, but because most of those posts and petitions are so riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors, that it makes me question your cognitive capacity.

      Shoutout to my coworkers, the real MVPs.”

      CREDIT: Thomas Clay Jr.


      1. Great post. Unfortunately it will only piss them off further. Bill Gates said that business will recover but you can’t bring dead people back. I think these people are suffering from “everything looks fine from my window/I’m just bored” syndrome. They should watch one of the videos that shows what’s actually going on in hospitals. That would save some of the smarter ones. There is no hope for stupid, ignorant people

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    1. There are some promising clinical trials, notably from a company named Gilead.

      Failing that, Fauci and crew have made it clear that we are at least a year away if not 1 1/2 years from a vaccine. Apparently, you have to go through multiple levels of clinical trials and that takes a long time. In the meantime, we use social distancing to, as one article I read said, “buy time.”

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  2. Thank you for your thoughts on this. I think people failed to take it seriously (and some still do) also because we’re used to the media always blowing things out of proportions. It’s one of the main reasons people decided to listen when it was too late. In that sense, there is a huge underlying problem with the media to begin with. I admit this was my first reaction too, that the media is just looking for ratings and headlines and that there is no reason for concern. Had the relationship been different between the media and people, we might have listened sooner and actually paid attention to what was happening.

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      1. I heartily disagree that the media are a “disgrace” and frankly I get sick and tired of hearing it. Do they exaggerate stuff for ratings? Sure. Do they collectively get it right more than they get it wrong? Emphatically, yes. We are all – right now – sitting at home because the media communicated to us that we should. Pretend for a second there were no media. No newspapers, no TV news, no cable news, no local news. All you’d have left to go on is whatever the government tells you is the truth. The First Amendment is the thin line between freedom and dictatorship. It’s the very first thing autocratic leaders go after. Sorry, I call bullshit on this argument. If you want to see what it’s like with purely state-run media, head on over to China or Russia. I’ll set my watch for your return.


      2. To be clear, I would never suggest we don’t need a functioning media. I just believe we need a much better media. I’m tired of press releases from corporations and governments being treated as news stories. I, as are you, am old enough to remember real investigative journalism that dared to cross partisan lines and put the story first.
        Nowadays you can divide the media outlets between those who are guaranteed to represent one partisan perspective from the outlets guaranteed to represent the opposing one. That may sound like a kind of balance but it isn’t, it’s a cold war where everything devolves into futile propaganda.
        My wife and I had a clear picture of what was going on with this virus and what it would mean for the US by mid to late January, not through the MSM but because desperate people in China were acting as citizen journalists and getting reports out to the World. Many of those people ended up disappeared or dead and I never saw a single main stream outlet cover any of it until ‘official’ sources started releasing press statements.
        Most Americans were caught napping because by the time they heard about this virus going global, it was already widespread throughout the country. That’s why we saw panic buying and confusion. I know the media can’t be expected to be omniscient but if we were able to work out what was happening, some of them should have too.
        Perhaps we will see a return to proper investigative journalism after this. I hope so.


      3. The media may have been slow to react but that hardly constitutes a “disgrace.” The problem is, in part, that we have seen far too many “cry wolf” stories and so maybe the media weren’t fast enough on this one. But when they got going, they did so with a vengeance. I stand by my last note. And if you really want a disgrace in this mess, look no further than Donald Trump whose narcissism, politicization, lying and finger-pointing have actually literally caused death. It’s not the media’s job to lead – it’s his. And by any measure he is a failed leader and a failed human being.


      4. I wish it weren’t so. I wish he had better angels to rise to, I really do.I yearn for a president this country can actually rally around.


      5. I only know what I’ve seen of him on the tube. He may be doing the ‘politician shuffle’ sometimes but overall I like him. I think he’s a good leader. New York was hit hard and he’s dealing with it. And I don’t know how well you know him but I liked his father Mario. The Cuomos are, I think, good people. Character still counts.

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      6. Huh! Interesting. Sure, I’d vote for him. I would vote for my mobile phone before I’d vote for Trump. Joe’s got some issues with the opposite sex he can’t easily shake.


      7. Nah, sorry but that’s a collection of strawman arguments and fairly standard propaganda techniques. And when you click on the journalist’s byline you get a ‘page not found message’.
        I’m not a doctor but I’ve been around enough dementia sufferers to know it when I see it. And JG used to work with old folk in an Aged Care facility and she’s pretty sure what’s going on there too.
        I seriously have no idea why the party machine have decided to run him, of all people, against Trump but it’s not just a Republican gambit to call him unfit, plenty of Democrat voters are saying it too, at least the ones I know.


      8. Maybe so. But if Biden runs against Trump I’m voting for him. Not to do so is an automatic Trump vote. If Cuomo is the candidate, so be it.


      9. On that we agree. But regardless of who runs against him, know this: Trump is one savvy SOB and as we learned last time it’s a huge mistake to underestimate him. I fear a slow slide into autocracy under him, less like Russia, more like Hungary. And BTW, if Joe has to be removed there are plenty of other good Dems. Klobuchar, Castro, Sanders, Warren. I don’t fall in love with politicians.

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