This is the day


One life ending…


No rain will fall today

No tears of regret

For past mistakes

Nor painful memories

From distant skies

The sun will smile down upon

This circle of hope

Glint brightly from these rings of completion

There will be smiles


And shaky voices

As the ghost of the old school principal

Watches on from the windows

The banished spirit of past longing.






Getting better




All things come


The culmination

Of 84,090,000 breaths

Waits for us

Just two sleeps hence


In the appointed place

At the appointed time

The red string that has entwined us

Will become the circle that binds us.



Words and image are my own.










Near Wild Heaven





Domestic life


I watch you drink coffee

From an absurdly oversized cup

Then cross the room

To kiss your still hot lips

Your earthy taste on my tongue

Like rich soil

We breathe together

Into each other’s mouths

Long and slow

Synched rhythm



The moment hangs in space

Like too ripe fruit

Cloying and intoxicating





Words and image are my own.






Into tomorrow


Swirl 1


The swirl


As the waters rise

Above the shoreline

And our beach slips silently

Into the sea

We hold hands against

The chill night

Dreaming of a time when

All we wanted

Was to wade ashore

And fall together

upon the sands of that beach

Lying side by side beneath a swirling sun


The shore disappears before our eyes

And we cling tighter in the dark

Who knows what will remain


But you and I will still be here

In this immoveable embrace

Unbroken links

Defying the tug

Of the receding tide.




Words and image are my own.






92. Come what may


I’m writing these words whilst sitting at the dining room table in Jersey girl’s house. Yes, I have arrived in New Jersey. The long and often arduous process which got us both to this point is now largely – though, not yet completely – behind us.

I simply cannot express the emotions involved in typing the paragraph above. We have waited so long for those words to be true and not just some expression of hope. And now, at last, they are true – I am here.

I have left job, family, and home. I have travelled with all I have to my name contained in just four very heavy bags and landed safely – if somewhat dazed –  into my new country.

Over the last couple of weeks in Melbourne I found out exactly how loved I was by friends and family. This made my last days in Australia bittersweet as I realised just how much I would miss certain folk.

I also found out exactly who amongst my friends were actually mere acquaintances in disguise. That too was a valuable lesson.

So now I am home. I sit here in this pretty house surrounded by the last snows of the season a very large dog curled at my feet. The day is cold but bright and the house lays silent. I have walked the youngest to school and waved Jersey girl off to work. The place is mine for the next few hours. I’ll probably spend several of those hours sleeping, as jetlag is still weighing on my eyelids.

Yesterday we loaded the kids into the car and drove over to the lake. It’s one of our favourite spots and I wanted to see (and photograph) the valley under snow before it was all gone.













As expected, the place was magical and the perfect setting for this first day of our new life as a family.

It has been a long, insanity-inducing journey which has led up to this moment. There were times both of us thought it was never going to happen but our faith in each other kept the madness at bay – well, mostly.

Now, all our days together are stretched out before us. We have absolutely no idea what comes next. All we can say for certain is that, come what may, we will face it together.

Words and images are my own.


Glittering prize



Hour zero


The coming hour hangs in the air

Like a glittering dragonfly

Azure blue and all reflective

Bottling sunlight in its wings


It hovers


Darting forwards and back


offering promise

Then coyly withholding but

My audacity is a net

I will ensnare this longed for appointment

This jewel

This prize

Add it to the humming jar

Of all my desires


Come the hour

Come the man.