Enjoy the silence



White quiet


I will not postulate

I would not be so bold

On what she thinks

Or what she knows

That is how we fool ourselves

Thinking the cup has a handle

When the truth is

It’s not a cup at all


I know her better than anyone

And I barely know her at all

The moment I stop believing that

The waves will rise

Our country will vanish

And all that shall remain

Will be the desolate solitude

Of an empty horizon.




Words and image are my own.



This is the day


One life ending…


No rain will fall today

No tears of regret

For past mistakes

Nor painful memories

From distant skies

The sun will smile down upon

This circle of hope

Glint brightly from these rings of completion

There will be smiles


And shaky voices

As the ghost of the old school principal

Watches on from the windows

The banished spirit of past longing.






Getting better




All things come


The culmination

Of 84,090,000 breaths

Waits for us

Just two sleeps hence


In the appointed place

At the appointed time

The red string that has entwined us

Will become the circle that binds us.



Words and image are my own.










Near Wild Heaven





Domestic life


I watch you drink coffee

From an absurdly oversized cup

Then cross the room

To kiss your still hot lips

Your earthy taste on my tongue

Like rich soil

We breathe together

Into each other’s mouths

Long and slow

Synched rhythm



The moment hangs in space

Like too ripe fruit

Cloying and intoxicating





Words and image are my own.






Into tomorrow


Swirl 1


The swirl


As the waters rise

Above the shoreline

And our beach slips silently

Into the sea

We hold hands against

The chill night

Dreaming of a time when

All we wanted

Was to wade ashore

And fall together

upon the sands of that beach

Lying side by side beneath a swirling sun


The shore disappears before our eyes

And we cling tighter in the dark

Who knows what will remain


But you and I will still be here

In this immoveable embrace

Unbroken links

Defying the tug

Of the receding tide.




Words and image are my own.