Maybe I’ve forgotten

The name and the address

Of everyone I’ve ever Known

It’s nothing I regret.

– Regret, New Order



Turned coat


I murdered all the friends of my first life

My old comrades in shared delusion

Starved them of oxygen

by recanting old exhalations

And sawed through their truths

With a blunt-toothed betrayal

Left them wondering if

They ever knew me at all

They knew me

They knew

But that me withered on a barren tree

Where reason was nailed

While dogma looked on

Cheering hollowly in counterfeit triumph

Pyrrhic victories in the end times

They kept asking where I’d gone

But I was too gone to care

So, they shot off their arrows and one by one

Fell silent as the graves they’d dug.





Words and image are my own.




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