Hungry heart




I dreamed I was a hunter

Your devoted pet

Walking languidly at your side

On heavy padded paws

My deadly claws hunted only in your service

My teeth never sinking into warm flesh until

Sated by my kill

You tossed me my portion

Only then did I devour the meat

As my eyes devoured your form

And when it was gone

My great head rubbed against your side

As your fingers furrowed trails across my scalp

I was so happy to be your beast

Your loyal creature

Your fierce protector

My purpose clear as a mountain stream


I awoke to a profound sense of disappointment

I was back in this weak shell

No claw or fang

But my heart remained the hunter

Who would gladly starve to keep you fed

Willingly die to keep you safe.



Underwater love


A small light in the deep dark


I dreamed I was beneath your sea

One held breath

And eyes full of wonder

I swam beneath the surface tension

Deep beneath your storm wracked waves

To that place where colours dart

And tendrils wave

That place within you where all is silence

I dove deeper still

To your sandy bed

Searched among the hard places

Where grit becomes beauty

And there I found your oyster

Which I eagerly shucked

To reveal the pearl

That perfect luminescent orb

Your shining soul

I slipped you then into my mouth

And fetched you into the air and the light

Just to gaze upon your face forever.







He dreamed he was an alien

Floating in fixed geosynchronous orbit

Very high above her house

Through the tinted glass of his viewing port

He would observe her comings and goings

The changing seasons

The infrequent visitors

He watched over her, able only to observe

Never to participate in

The small events of her life

Sometimes he imagined using

One of the escape pods to visit her

The math involved in arriving at her door

Would be immense but

He was an alien of no small ability

And so he worked it out in his head

While watching her shovel snow off her drive

Eventually the temptation became too much

He climbed into the pod and punched in

His meticulous calculations

The pod soon landed in the center

Of her back yard in Jersey and

He tumbled out of the small hatch

Then, as so often happens in dreams

He realised he was no longer the alien

He was his waking self

And she was standing in the open doorway


“You’re late,” she said, “your dinner’s getting cold”

And so they went inside

She didn’t seem to notice the pod at all

So he thought it best not to mention it.