Blinded by the (inner) light





Projected from deep within

No mistaking it.


She’s simply blinding

I cannot see beyond her

My eyes are dazzled.


She is the answer

To the question in the dark

Where do I belong?


Without her heart-light

My world is built of Shadows

Her flame is my guide.




The sinking feeling


My take, in haiku, on the current shit show.



Trying to discern

Which evil is the lesser

Misses the whole point


To forgive murder

But rail against uncouthness

Shows a disconnect


Your love of warfare

Has addled your tiny brains

World looks on and sighs


The Clintons and Trumps

Have been close friends for decades

Do the fucking math


A devotion to

Dogma has tainted your view

Blind to all reason


When you just assume

Your side is always correct

You’ve lost perspective








I just discovered WordPress had published the wrong draft again (that’s three times) I think it’s all correct now.



Keep your ‘lectric eye on me babe





At his fingers’ touch

Love letters take shape and wing

Speeding through chill air


In just an instant

She will read between the lines

Of her love’s desire


Her arms are empty

He makes sure all the same that

Her heart overflows


In the cloying heat

She reads the words, heart quickens

Yearns to be consumed


They are both alone

With their souls all afire

Joined by a white heat


Few could understand

This passion fanned by distance

Soul love knows no place.




Words and image are my own.



The 333 degrees




To celebrate this blog’s 333rd follow, I make this humble offering of three three-line poems. My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who have taken the time and shown your support for our little tale of love and weirdness.




It is no secret

I have poured out my heart here

In words and pictures.



I’ve made some good friends

Been left breathless more than once

By words never dreamed.



Glad I took a chance

Shared my love for Jersey girl

With the blogosphere.